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2021-12-14 09:04:53 By : Ms. Lucy Xia

No parent will discuss this issue before suddenly a bunch of cuteness pops up. Neither do I! My idea of ​​raising a baby means buying cute clothes and painting the nursery in pink and blue. I am totally unaware that babies need to "pee" and "toot" every 20 minutes in a carefree life. It's like we parents have nothing else but to clean up the little monarch.  

A few minutes after giving birth, I realized that my little guy just hates getting dirty and will scream with the tip of his lungs as if his little butt is on fire. Suddenly, a disguised angel appeared. good! In fact, to be more precise, suddenly a disguised packet appeared-a large box of diapers. I still don't know who that thoughtful gift is. But to this day, I do pray for that person.

All this is because my baby slept all night, this is the first time in the first four days of his life on the blue planet! do not judge me.

And this is only because Xiaobawang is wrapped in soft, white, dry, and fluffy diapers.

"Blessed are those who create this kind of magic!"

Nevertheless, the next point is not interesting, we are faced with many choices, such as whether to use pants or belts, organic or gel. Time somehow taught us to navigate the rough seas. As an experienced mother, here are some of my thoughts. Yes! I am proud to call myself that.

Pants are for children who have learned to take off their pants. This can be used as a prerequisite for potty training. If your child has learned to explore the mysteries of diaper pants, then it may be time for him not to wear them at all.

For laymen, this is what it means. The belt system is more suitable for children who have not mastered the skills of squatting...

organic! Well, I still like to use "fashion terms" to mean food, but there are also organic variants of diapers. Yes. Ladies. You heard me right.

This is why you want to use rare variants. If your child is allergic to synthetic materials; the organic cotton version may be a good choice. Anyway, I prefer to use a gel-based gel, once it is full, it actually emits a warning color. You can understand...why.

The remaining mysteries are left to you to discover. Because half of the fun of being a new parent is being able to connect with newly discovered little guys.

Photo: LS Archives/Sazzad Ibne Sayed