I potty trained my son in just four days - my top tips and why warm water ended up being my best friend | The US Sun

2022-07-23 03:08:05 By : Mr. Weihu Peng

GETTING your little ones out of nappies and fully potty trained can be quite the process.

Just when you think they've got the hang of it you've got a surprise mess to clean up.

Luckily, this parenting whizz shared how she managed to get her son using his potty in just four days.

Emily Norris shared her clever tricks and tips on YouTube, and they're so easy to do.

She explained that her son was "Totally ready, he was showing lots of signs, he was showing an interest in his brother going to the toilet and me going to the toilet.

"And every time he did a wee or a poo in his nappy he would tell me almost to say 'sort it out mum'."

Emily added that since she's expecting another baby soon, she wanted to make sure her tot was out of nappies by the time they arrived.

The parenting pro recommended going out with your little one to choose a potty together so that they feel included in the change.

Not only that, but Emily bought her son underwear with superheroes on that she knew he'd like to make him feel special.

She said: "We made a big thing about it on the first day, I showed him his brand new pants and I had a potty chart, lots of stickers and the potty itself."

The mum even let her son decorate the potty with stickers to make it feel more fun.

One thing Emily found helpful on day one was her older child helping to encourage the tot.

She said: "In the weeks leading up to when I was going to potty train him we read some books about using the potty, we talked about it a bit more."

The parenting whizz added: "For the first three days of potty training we pretty much stayed at home as much as we could."

She explained that she let the tot run around the house without a nappy on and the potty nearby so he could use it.

The mum went all out when she discovered that he preferred standing to wee and bought him a kids urinal from Amazon to help encourage him.

Her son preferred using the toilet to the potty at first, but wasn't sure how to go even when he needed to, luckily Emily discovered that popping his food in a bowl of warm water helped him wee.

She had the idea after realising that he always wees in the warm bath water.

By the fourth day her son was nappy free during the day and just used pull-ups at night time.

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